Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cafe Vivachi: Cafe Review

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This one was in a close running for my No. 1 Best Service Experience in Anchorage AK.
Cafe Vivachi, located on Dimond Blvd across the street from the Fed Ex Office, is an awesome cafe. The atmosphere is pleasant, and of course they have a couch and tv as well as both indoor and outdoor seating and a drive thru.

What really makes this place stand out over other cafes is the quality of service. The baristas are friendly, yet they do not go overboard with peppiness, nor do they seem like they are only interacting with you because they get paid to do it and a supervisor is watching them.

They seem genuinely friendly, and that is a quality that is harder to find than one would think.

The coffee is great. I only went for the house brew coffee, which was priced at $1.50 the last time I was there. Anything more than $1.50 for a cup of brewed coffee in Anchorage is not worth it. It should be easy to forget Starbucks as their coffee is horrible, and it costs more anyway.

One time near the end of the shift, the pot of house brew coffee was empty, so the barista quickly made me a Cafe Americano at no charge. When I go to restaurants, I remember things like that, and it makes me come back.


There is wifi through a private Cafe Vivachi network, and the "Fed Ex Office Guest" wifi from across the street was picked up as well. It works fast, and there are plugs all along the wall, so really you can stay until 5PM when they close.

But what puts this place over the edge is the excellent service, and it doesn't hurt that all the baristas are extremely attractive women....doesn't hurt one bit.

If you are interested
Cafe Vivachi is at
223 E Dimond Blvd
It is available on the 7 and 9 Bus Lines.

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